Sunday, July 8, 2012

June Festivities

Hey everyone!
Matt and I went to Virginia a few weeks  ago to visit the Montoya side. We both very much enjoyed not doing homework or going to work. Most days consisted of Running and Swimming, which we don’t normally get to do so it was great. We went to Grant’s high school graduation and went running with him. We played a lot with Logan- who referred to himself as “the doggy”. He always wanted to eat his meals on the floor as a dog would haha. We went with Cindy and Logan to Washington DC where we went to the Smithsonian museum and looked at all of the beautiful artwork for my entertainment and for Matt’s entertainment we went to the natural history museum and watched a 3D flying dinosaur movie. I found out he was obsessed with dinosaurs when he was little…and now still maybe? Haha… We went running with Frank and he smoked both Matt and I. We were happy though for Grant and Frank to whip us into shape. 

Matt’s parents went to the Washington DC temple with us to do a session and Matt and I got to be the witness couple for the first time so that was great. We also went to an amazing Brazilian restaurant that tasted heavenly. It was all you can eat and servers would bring hot meat by and you could pick what you wanted. The limeade was also heavenly.  Our trip also consisted of shopping, reading, playing the electric guitar (which matt is very excited to be taking home with us to play and record.), watching movies and playing ninjas with Logan. We had a great time and hope to be able to go back sometime soon! We are grateful my aunt and uncle Josh and Erin Volmer drove us to the airport and saved us money for parking at their house instead of the car garage!

Matt got all A’s this year in Graduate school and is glad it will be over for the summer. I’m proud of him for working so hard even with me always trying to get him to hang out with me when I was bored! But he is very disciplined.  He plans on finding a job in these next few weeks. I Go back to work tomorrow also… the countdown is officially on for the next vacation from work...
Well we love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love Leisha and Matt

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